20 Best VS Code Themes

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VS Code's themes are what make the editor so fun. There are 5,604 themes found if you search on the VS Code marketplace.

Themes on the VS Code Marketplace

Let's look at some of the best themes available for VS Code.

Here's a list of the most popular themes for VS Code over the years. These themes have been around and earned a lot of popularity.

One Dark Pro

VS Code One Dark Pro Theme

Dracula Official

VS Code Dracula Official Theme

Atom One Dark

VS Code Atom One Dark Theme

GitHub Theme

VS Code GitHub Theme Theme

Winter is Coming

VS Code Winter is Coming Theme

Night Owl

VS Code Night Owl Theme

Monokai Pro

VS Code Monokai Pro Theme

Shades of Purple

VS Code Shades of Purple Theme


VS Code Cobalt2 Theme

Material Theme

VS Code Material Theme Theme

These are the themes that are a bit newer and lesser known. These are good options if you have tried all of the above themes and want a change of pace.

Palenight Theme

VS Code Palenight Theme Theme

Synthwave '84

VS Code Synthwave '84 Theme


VS Code Nord Theme

Panda Theme

VS Code Panda Theme Theme

Tokyo Nights

VS Code Tokyo Night Theme


VS Code Rainglow Theme


VS Code Moonlight Theme


VS Code Horizon Theme

Bearded Theme

VS Code Bearded Theme Theme


VS Code Cyberpunk Theme
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