Productive VS Code - Lesson #55

console.log() Faster with Turbo Console Log

I've recently been live-coding on Twitch and the thing that I've loved about it is all the users in the chat that are helping me out by giving me their own tips and tricks.

In our most recent stream, we started talking about my VS Code extensions and one that was recommended to me that I'd never heard of before was Turbo Console Log.

Turbo Console Log in the VS Code Marketplace

In a nutshell, it lets you take a variable and quickly write the whole console.log statement with keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + l for Windows or cmd + opt + l for Mac.

Here's a gif of it in action:

Turbo Console Log in Action

I'm a sucker for any keyboard shortcut that can save me from writing some characters. Absolutely love working with Vim.

  • If you told me of an extension or keyboard shortcut that saved me typing even 3 characters, I'll jump on it and dedicate adding that to my arsenal of keyboard shortcuts.

The JavaScript (ES6 Code Snippets) extension has a convenient snippet where you can type:

// snippet activation 

// expands to

Turbo Console Log provides another convenient shortcut to create those console.logs.

In addition to creating console.log() messages quickly, Turbo Console Log can:

  • Delete all console.log() messages: shift + alt + d
  • Comment all console.log() messages: shift + alt + c
  • Uncomment console.log() messages: shift + alt + u
Turbo Console Log in the Command Palette

Yes I know that the Debugger for Chrome extension is useful also to find out what is in your code, but sometimes you just gotta console it!

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