Make 10 More React Apps

Build real apps and get real-world React experience. These React videos will teach you specific parts of React so that you can grow your skills and React tools.

The Apps We'll Build

We'll build a series of apps that you can use to learn React. These will be fun apps that will teach you the practical skills needed to build your own React applications.

Chat Box

We'll build a fun chat box that will use timers and animations.

Multi-Step Form

We'll use React Context to handle state across multiple components. This is helpful to provide validation on each step of the form.

Memory Matching Game

Create a Pokemon memory matching game. Will help us understand state variables and rendering.

Drag and Drop Math Card

Implement drag and drop in React to generate this math flash card.


Build your own browser with React. We'll even be able to visit sites and see them load inside our browser.


Real-Time Search

Use the popular Algolia service to generate a search that completes within milliseconds.


Charting the Weather

We'll use Google APIs and add charting to our React applications.


Shopping Cart

We'll build a shopping cart with React and store our products, handle quantity, and more.


Typing Tester

Track a user's typing skills and their words per minute (WPM).

What You'll Learn

The React basics
Functional React components
React hooks like useState() and useEffect()
Handling user events
JSX and Rendering templates
Props and State
Creating and organizing components
Building real-world React applications
3.6+hours of content
support on Discord

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Course Content

44 lessons3.6 hours

Getting Started

26 minutes
VS Code Setup
Terminal Setup
GitHub Files

#1. Chat Box

1 minutes
Visualizing Messages
Typing Indicator

#2. Multi-Step Form

27 minutes
Multi-Step with Router
Forms and Validation
State w/ React Context
Animating Routes
Disabling Links

#3. Memory Matching Game

25 minutes
Displaying Pokemon
Flipping Cards
Handling Winning

#4. Drag and Drop Math Card

28 minutes
Handling Dragging
Handling Dropping
Storing Values in State

#5. Browser

2 minutes
Showing iframes
Choosing and Adding
Address Bar
Closing Tabs

#6. Real-Time Search

23 minutes
Algolia Setup
React Components

#7. Charting the Weather

52 minutes
Geocoding Addresses
Weather in Charts

#8. Shopping Cart w/ Context and Reducer

30 minutes
Cart Components
Context & Reducer
Cart Modal

#9. Typing Tester

1 minutes
Showing Characters
Finding Typos
Countdown & WPM