Productive VS Code - Lesson #10

My 5 Favorite Coding Fonts

Coding fonts are a one of the main things coders customize in their workspace. Coding font and theme are essential when building your own customized workspace.

There are many coding (monospaced) fonts out there that are specific to coding. Let's dive into my favorite ones.

The resource I'll be using to show off fonts is an awesome microsite from CSS Tricks: Coding Fonts by CSS Tricks

I'm a fan of the shorter fonts which I think are more readable than the taller fonts. I also try to find fonts that have personality. A lot of the fonts found on the CSS Tricks microsite are good, but I believe that little flares of characters here and there are what make these coding fonts stand out.

Let's get to it! Here are my favorite coding fonts.

My all time favorite font. There's something about how the f and t characters are shaped that give this font such a unique look.

Operator Mono Coding Font

Cascadia code is a great free alternative to Operator Mono. It sticks to a similar height and width with some personality.

Cascadia Code Coding Font

Fira fonts do a great job with their ligatures. It is a little taller than the previous two fonts, but it isn't too tall of a font that it's hard to scan horizontally. FiraFlott has an interesting cursive style.

FiraFlott Coding Font

One of my earliest coding fonts I ever used, it still looks great compared to all the latest and greatest fonts.

Inconsolata Coding Font

Anonymous Pro is a thin coding font that is especially designed for characters that could be mistaken for one another: (O, 0, I, l, 1, etc.).

Anonymous Pro Coding Font

These are hilarious fonts that repurpose Comic Sans to be a coding font. Comic Shanns looks good enough to be a daily driver.

Comic Shanns Coding Font

These are other good fonts that are solid but I feel like they don't have enough personality.

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Chris Sev

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