7 JavaScript Playgrounds to Use in 2022

Online code editors are the fastest way to get to that "aha! coding is cool!" moments. We can use them to write code, experiment with fun designs or concepts in a few minutes in an environment that won't ruin our production projects.

As much as we love our IDEs and working in tools like VS Code, working in a coding playground lets us tinker! We can also see what other users are tinkering with. Lots of inspiration can be gleaned from these JavaScript playgrounds.

Here are the best JavaScript playgrounds to use as your online code sandboxes.

CodePen is an online social development environment for front-end developers. It comes fully equipped with all the features you'll need to build, test, share, collaborate and even deploy your websites.

Fun HTML/CSS innovations and experiments can be seen on the home page.


CodePen's free plan is very generous and the PRO plan allows us to work on "professor mode" so that multiple students can follow your coding.

CodeSandbox is an online editor similar to CodePen, but it allows us to use projects that have build systems like webpack or Parcel. This means we can use JavaScript import and exports.

CodeSandbox offers dedicated sandboxes to help developers quickly get started on developing with their favorite tools to build web applications. With CodeSandbox, all you need to do is open the browser, select your preferred development tool and start writing code. It abstracts all the backgrounds tasks and configurations so that you only need to worry about writing your code. With Condesandbox, we can do all of the following and more:

The features that make CodeSandbox is its GitHub integration: You can create a new project in CodeSandbox and push it to GitHub.

You can even create new projects using these URLs:

Glitch is an online playground that really focuses on the community and collaboration aspect of building apps. It is fast and has a "keep it weird" sort of UI that has an odd bit of charm. You can spin up frontend and backend applications and even run static site generators like [Eleventy].


StackBlitz is a VS Code powered online playground for web developers. It is similar to CodeSandbox and focused on speed.

JSFiddle is an online playground for creating, testing and showcasing collaborational HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets, known as 'fiddles'. It is one of the earliest playgrounds that laid the foundation for the creation of other modern-day playgrounds. It is a bit simpler than the other coding playgrounds, but it is a good place to work with JavaScript.

JSBin is a live playground for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It may be the simplest of the playgrounds, but the UI is clean and easy to use.

Scrimba is an entirely different kind of online playground than what we've seen so far. It is a tutorial site where each tutorial video can be paused at any time. This means that any of the code you see in the video can be played with! Very cool in-video interactions.

In this post we have discussed top online JavaScript editors you can use to play with your JavaScript. Each playground has it's unique abilities so its difficult to choose a "best" one amongst them. We can, however, choose the one whose features best solves our needs.

There are other amazing online playgrounds like Plunker, CSS Deck, Dabblet, Liveweave, etc. If you have other playgrounds in mind, please do share them with us in the comments below. Hopefully, this post would help you pick the most suitable one for your needs.

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