Learn Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is a powerful CSS framework that gives you the tools to build beautiful designs using elegant utility CSS classes.

Tailwind is how this Better Dev site is built and there wasn't a line of custom CSS written!

Hi! We've got a Tailwind Course

We created a course to learn Tailwind from scratch.
You'll learn the basics and build a beautiful website in this course.

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Making Tailwind Components

Create essential components that you'll need for your projects.

  1. 1Making Alerts with Tailwind CSS
  2. 2Making Badges with Tailwind CSS
  3. 3Making Buttons with Tailwind CSS
  4. 4Making Tailwind CSS Navbars

Building with Tailwind

A collection of resources that will help you learn Tailwind through practice.

  1. 1Creating Circles with Tailwind CSS
  2. 2Create a 3D Button with Tailwind CSS
  3. 3Make the Slack Logo with Tailwind CSS

Tailwind Quick Tips

Small and useful tips and tricks.

  1. 1Styling Highlighted Text with Tailwind CSS