Learn Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is a powerful CSS framework that gives you the tools to build beautiful designs using elegant utility CSS classes.

Tailwind is how this Better Dev site is built and there wasn't a line of custom CSS written!

Note: This guide is in progress and is updated frequently.

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Making Tailwind Components

Create essential components that you'll need for your projects.

  1. 1Make Buttons
  2. 2Make Alerts
  3. 3Make Badges
  4. 4Make Navbars

Building with Tailwind

A collection of resources that will help you learn Tailwind through practice.

  1. 1Make the Slack Logo
  2. 2Make a 3D Button
  3. 3Using Tailwind Circles in Designs

Tailwind Quick Tips

Small and useful tips and tricks.

  1. 1Styling Highlighted Text