Make 10 React Apps - Lesson #4

Starter and Final Files in GitHub

The starter files can be found in the GitHub repo:

GitHub Repo

You're going to want to clone that repo into your own computer. You'll notice that each app folder has a finished and start folder.

  • finished: The final files for the app
  • start: The starter files where we'll work through our apps

When we start a new app, always be sure to install the dependencies of each app.

Run npm install in each folder so that we get our dependencies installed into a node_modules folder.

Then we can start our React app using npm start.

  1. Install dependencies: npm install or yarn
  2. Start the app: npm start or yarn start

Happy coding!

Chris Sev

Chris Sev

Chris Sev is the co-founder of Better Dev. Coding better every day. Previously he created which was acquired.


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