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Submit an HTML Form in React

ByChris Sevon Jul 16, 2021

Sometimes we need to submit an HTML form embedded in a React component. We can use React's useRef() to submit a form.

This article isn't about any React form packages or validation. This article is about when you have a normal form that you need to submit from within a React function.

This is especially helpful for event tracking or doing some JavaScript stuff before you want the form to send a user away. We will use useRef() to keep a reference of the form and programmatically submit() it.

javascriptfunction Newsletter() {
  const formRef = useRef();

  function handleSubmit(e) {
    // stop the form from submitting automatically

    // do all the event tracking
    // or whatever you need

    // submit the form

  return (

        {/* form inputs go here */}

Chris Sev

Chris Sev

Chris Sev is the co-founder of Better Dev. Coding better every day. Previously he created which was acquired.


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