Top 10 Podcasts for Web Developers

A Web Developer's need to learn never ends, so what better way to take in the latest technologies than listening to a podcast?! You can listen while you drive, clean the house, take a shower (no do you!), or anything else. Here are the top 10 podcasts you should be listening to as a Web Developer!

Wes Bos and Scott Tolinkski are full-stack developers who create courses on Web Development. They decided to start Syntax which is by far my favorite dev podcast and releases two a week. They are incredibly entertaining, but also have an immense amount of knowledge to share around development, entrepreneurship, soft skills, and more!

CodePen is used by Web Developers everywhere as a way to showcase and share demo code. That said, this podcast is actually run by Codepen employees. They share stories, learnings, struggles, and successes that they've come across in growing their small company. This perspective is a little more unique than the other podcasts because you can follow the success of CodePen as a whole while learning more details along the way.

Full Stack Radio is run by Adam Wathan who has created incredible content on Vue, Laravel, and Web Design. In each episode, Adam brings on a guest to discuss a variety of different topics covering anything from design to testing.

Shop talk is hosted by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier where they focus on front end web design and development. Dave is a developer at a web design shop in Austin Texas, while Chris is one of the co-founders of Code Pen.

Fun fact... Dave just recently joined CodePen radio for an episode!

JavaScript Jabber releases weekly podcasts discussing front end and back end development. As you can expect, it's everything practices, tools, testing, deployment, etc. They typically have a panel of 3-4 people which makes this podcast pretty conversational!

React is the arguably the hottest front end framework around, so why not a podcast dedicated to React? They recently hosted Laurie Voss, one of the co-founders of NPM, so obviously they are capable of getting some great guests on the show. If you're looking for content that's a little more targeted at React, check it out!

If you're a new developer and looking for discussion that's a little bit more introductory, Code Newbie is for you. They focus on the coding journeys of their guests, which makes the episodes very relatable! Again, if you're new to programming there's a lot to take away form these personal stories!

Front End Happy Hour features a panelist of engineers from Netflix, Evernote, and LInkedIn who focus on front end developement. Believe it or not, the hosts of Front End Happy Hour are actually talking and recording over drinks (hints the name). Thanks to this, you might get a bit more raw comentary with this one :)

The hots of Real Talk have a bit of a Microsoft background and have been significantly influential in the Angular community. That said though, they do cover an array of topics related to JavaScript. This podcast is relatively new (started in 2018), so don't let the smaller numbers of subscribers scare you away. They are growing fast!

This podcast is a little bit of a cheat because it's really just a collection of other podcasts, including JavaScript Jabber mentioned above. However, one of the other podcasts included, My JavaScript Story, has some great content to share as well! It seems like the other two that are included haven't released an episode recently. Regardless, if you're going to follow JavaScript Jabber, you might as well follow this one for some extra content!

Podcasts have seen a huge rise in the past few years. Which do you listen to? We can add more to the list! Just let us know!

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