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VS Code's #1 Essential Tool: The Command Palette


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The Command Palette is the absolute essential tool to VS Code productivity. When in doubt, reach for the command palette to help.

If you remember one tip from this course, it has to be "use the command palette".

The way to open the command palette is a keyboard shortcut:

  • Mac: cmd + shift + p
  • Windows: ctrl + shift + p
VS Code's Command Palette

The command palette is a list of commands that you can execute from the VS Code UI. Most of the commands that you can run in VS Code can be found in the command palette. For example, any of the commands that you'll find in the menu bars like File, Edit, View, and Window can be found in the command palette.

You can do common commands like Save and Close by just typing the command name.

Common Commands in Command Palette

There are also more VS Code specific commands like

  • inserting snippets
  • formatting
  • opening panels
  • hiding UI elements

The command palette is a great way to learn about VS Code and to get started quickly. Just open up the command palette and start typing.

You can see which commands you can run and you can also see the keyboard shortcut for each command. Look at the keyboard shortcuts and try to commit those to memory. They will make us faster developers.

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Command Palette
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